What is an easement

A conservation easement is an agreement between a land owner and a qualified easement holder, (i.e. the Rockburn Land Trust or, if the land qualifies, a joint easement with the Maryland Environmental Trust and the Rockburn Land Trust) which is recorded as a restriction on a property deed, binding all present and future owners to its specific conditions, including the relinquishment of development rights. 
Easments usually do not open the land to the general public.  They typically allow for additions and modifications of structures and normal agricultural activities.  The owner retains all rights other than those conservation restrictions specified in the easement.
The Rockburn Land Trust's easement guidelines may be found in the attachment at the bottom of this page.
For more information see http://dnr.maryland.gov/met/faq.asp
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Sep 23, 2009, 11:18 AM
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