The Rockburn Land Trust is one of the oldest land trusts in Maryland, founded in November, 1989.  It formed after a historic and preservation easement was placed on Belmont and the surrounding land was purchased by Patapsco State Park.  Four neighboring land owners, the Chalmers, Schumachers, Servarys and Gaynors got together and placed their combined 100 acres under easement and formed the Rockburn-Morning Choice Historical Conservation District Land Trust-now known as the Rockburn Land Trust.
     The mission of the RLT is to promote for the benefit of the general public the preservation, protection and balanced use of natural resources in the Patapsco Valley Watershed, primarily between Ellicott City and Elkridge, including the holding of conservation easements.
     Over the last 24 years the Rockburn Land Trust, in partnership with the Maryland Environmental Trust, has accepted 25 easements on 225 acres of land in the Patapsco Watershed.
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